Parents of Quinn

...would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the amazing progress we have seen in Quinn in both his ability and confidence towards maths. This foundation will serve him well in the future...

Ben (10)

Thank you so much for teaching me this term. It has been really fun learning with you... I feel like my spelling and writing have really improved and I'm much more confident in math at school.

Anna (8)

Thank you so much for teaching me this term in spelling and writing. I have improved so much. You always make it really fun. And thank you for teaching me so much math!

Fern (12)

Thank you so much for teaching me how to do lots of cool stuff and teaching me lots of strategies in my math.

Charlotte (9)

Thank you for helping me in my math and English, it has really helped me.

Ashley (13)

Thank you so much for teaching me this year. You have taught me so much. You are the best!

Amber (13), Kimbi (11), Holly-Ann (9)

You have done an amazing job teaching us. We have learnt heaps.

Parents of Riley (12)

Thank you so much for all you have done for Riley this year. You have made such a positive difference in his life, not only in his learning but his confidence, his self worth and belief in his abilities.

Mother of Mitchell & Fletcher

Thank you for tutoring my boys. They have excelled under your watchful eye, for which I will always be grateful!

Sohl (9)

I think you are nice, kind and a very good tutor so I'm going to tell my mates that they should come to you. I am doing great at school.

Sarah (High School Math Teacher)

Sandy has tutored both my children in Mathematics for nearly a year. They both loved Sandy's tutoring sessions from Day 1. They are both more accurate and quick with their number knowledge, they have gained a lot of confidence with strategy and they love going to tutoring. They both come home saying how great it is and how fast the time went. As a secondary teacher I know how important it is for students to come to Year 9 with good knowledge and confidence. Successful Kids does this so well. It has far exceeded our expectations.


thank you so much for helping me with all of my math struggles and encouraging me to always do better with math. Thank you for all the laughs and the fun times. I am so glad people mention you around Hamilton for good tutoring because I certainly agree. Sandy, without you I wouldn't be where I am right now, so, thank you.

Mother of Ella

Thank you so much for all your efforts in helping Ella. Her confidence and enthusiasm for math has grown immensely which, for me, was just as important as increasing her abilities, so thank you for that.

Carmen (mother)

"My daughter was very confused by maths and reluctant to attempt anything. Sandy's ability to impart mathematical concepts in a calming and patient manner is proving successful. Sandy targets individual needs and her lessons are varied and interesting. Sandy is a talented professional who has sparked a love for learning in a very short time."

Mother of Angela

"It was always hard to get Angela to do her math homework, now that she understands it better she is happy to do it. Angela found Sandy a pleasure to work with."